Here are our lovely boys! Our handsome fellows are housed in indoor/outdoor runs where they all have an indoor area with their bedding, food and water, and an outside grassed area with garden bed and plants, logs to scratch and splash ponds, our boys can howl and call, spray and generally be real tom cats in the safety of their own territory. All of our boys will usually have a girl with them for companionship. We do not keep boys next to each other, to keep stress down. Our older boys are with us forever (Sultan, Goodie and Meitaki) But our younger boys that we ourselves have bred, shown and loved, we aim to retire at around 12 - 14 months old, when they have sired some litters here, but are still young enough to be successfully desexed, and find forever homes. Stud males can spray, be noisy, territorial and aggressive to other cats, so for us to desex them as soon as possible is in their best interest an ensures they have the best chance at being someone's bed warmer rather than a cattery stud forever.

Our boys are listed from youngest to oldest, and then our retires boys down the very bottom - Please enjoy looking at our handsome boys!

Please note we offer stud services to other breeders, at our discretion, pending a queens negative FIV/FeLV test, c&s swab, fecal PCR, current vacc certificate and full veterinary health check. We are set up with quarantine areas and indoor housing for queens, and veterinary ultrasound for positive pregnancy including head count, CR length.  - please contact us for details.


Tarmac Jungle Jeopardy

Sire - Majesticpride Meitaki (Imp Can) Dam - Artattack Blondie

"King" is our latest up and coming home bred stud, he has a lovely soft glittered blond coat, with big black outlined rosettes with golden centres. King has lovely size for a young cat, with heavy muscling and good sound, well balanced boning. King has a lovely wild head, with large nocturnal hazel eyes, small ears and prominent whisker pads, he has a long body, and super thick tail. He is a goofy boy, who loves 'hunting' feathers and balls, then disappearing with his catch. He is extremely affectionate and loves to 'climb' up our legs for a smooch! King has had limited showing this year at the QLD Magnificats Bengal Specialty Show, at 4 1/2 months old, where he placed 10th best shorthair kitten in show, and 5th best Bengal exhibit under TICA judge Carlos Peters. And the Newcastle Hunter Valley Cat Club show, where he placed 1st, 1st & 2nd in the Top 5. King is a pleasure to take out and about, he has beautiful show temperament, he is friendly, outgoing and genuinely loves to be out on the bench getting a pat and a cuddle from the judges!


Tarmac King Khatut

Sire - Elitecats Sherlock  Dam - Tarmac Queen Eliza

Khatut is a gorgeous home bred Sepia boy, who had the wow factor from 1 day old! Khatut is a big boy with excellent balance type, he has real low slung, wild cat movement. He has excellent head type with broad nose leather, super puffy whisker pads, and correct green eye colour. Khatut has eye catching big arrowhead rosettes, on a short glittered coat. Khatut is a real cheeky monkey who loves crawling all over us

Warpaint Good as it Gets

Sire - Majesticpride Rumor Has It (Imp CAN)    Dam - Sheoak Colour Drops



Goodie is a lovely boy, he has a very sweet and playful nature, always up for a good cuddle and he loves a brush. Goodie has fabulous  rosettes, on his short plush glittered coat, and fantastic type, from his great profile and small ears to his long thick tail. He is consistently passing on his best physical attributes and wonderful nature to the babies he sires. He is producing some real stunners. Goodie is a big kitten, he loves his rattle balls, and feathery things, chasing, pouncing, and hunting his toy mice.


Majesticpride Meitaki (Imp Canada)

Sire - Brockenmoor Cutting Edge (USA)    Dam - Wildlove Angel Wine (USA)

Meitaki is straight out of the jungle, with his low slinky walk, and silent movement, he is a true gentleman, and loves a quiet pat. He is a well boned, big substantial cat, and has wonderful type, a fantastic head and inky rosettes. We have admired many of the cats he has sired in the past and are honoured to have him here with us. Meitaki is a carrier for blue and charcoal, adding interest and uniqueness to the litters he sires. His kittens are playful with sweet cuddly natures.


Beunisimo Sulten

Sire - Jagsun Aces Wild    Dam - Jagsun Shakira's Gold


Sulten is such a striking big boy, well muscled and very heavy, he has beautiful green eyes, small ears & puffy whisker pads. He has a super soft silky coat with excellent contrast, dripping with glitter. He is a treats boy and particularly loves us at dinner time! He is extremely playful and is the ultimate hunter, excellent at pouncing, chasing and climbing. Loves his cuddle time and a good groom. Sulten has sired some gorgeous kittens, he passes on his beautiful clarity, great contrast and his cheeky nature.


Tarmac InfinitynBeyond

Sire - Majesticpride Meitaki (imp Can)    Dam - Tijah African Sun

A gorgeous boy who had the wow factor from the get go! I love Buzz's deep orange golden colouring, with his jet black markings. He is a strong muscly well balanced boy, with a great head, small ears, and large round striking eyes. Buzz will make a wonderful mark on his future litters, and will start work here mid 2013. We showed Buzz extensively in 2012, he got many best of breeds, many top 5 placings and a few best in shows, his great type and beautiful calm, friendly temperament got him, NSW CFA 2nd Place Male Kitten of the Year 2012, a wonderful achievement that we are extremely proud of !


Tarmac Alfies Hot Rod

Sire - Tarmac Outa Asia Alfie    Dam - Artattack Dreamweaver


Son of our famous Alfie, Hot Rod is a chip off the old block, with some improvements from his mum, Dreamy. Hot Rod has the most beautiful nature, he will gladly spend all day wrapped around you like a scarf, only moving for kisses and treats!! He is an absolute pleasure to show, and has done very well as a kitten. Hot Rod is a character around the farm, he loves getting out and about on his harness and lead, exploring and saying hi to all the other cats! Hot Rod is a big cat, he has darker colouring, big black rosettes, and a smooth glittered pelt. He has an amazing heavy body, with excellent boning and muscle, balanced with a loooooooong thick jungle tail. Hot Rod has a lovely Bengal head, with small ears, big nocturnal eyes, and a prominent chin. Hot Rod will begin stud duties in mid to late 2013, if you are interested in a Hot Rod kitten, please register your interest early, as these will be limited before he is desexed.


Tarmac The Blizzard Of Oz

Sire - Jagsun Rajah Kahn  Dam - Jagsun Magic Whisper



Sid is the son of our much loved stud Kahn, and the sweetest cat I have ever met, he lives to be cuddled and purr. Sid is a massive Sepia marble boy with excellent contrast, lovely clarity, and beautiful glitter. His colouring is gorgeous and has continued to develop and deepen. Sid has been shown as a kitten and an adult, he has a lovely laid back show temperament, and has got some great results. Sid has a lovely chunky wild Bengal head, with prominent whisker pads, and striking light green eyes. We hope he will contribute his fabulous contrast, size and correct eye colour to our snow program! Sid will begin stud duties in mid to late 2013, if you are interested in a Sid kitten, please register your interest early, as these will be limited before he is desexed.


 Pictures coming soon!

 Pictures coming soon!



We aim to retire our studs at around 12 - 14 months old, when they have sired some litters here, but are still young enough to be successfully desexed, and find forever homes. Stud males can spray, be noisy, territorial and aggressive to other cats, so for us to desex them as soon as possible is in their best interest and ensures they have the best chance at being someone's companion and bed warmer rather than a cattery stud forever. This is also a good way to ensure that we have sufficient genetic diversity in our lines, and also keep improving what we have with every generation!


Tarmac Outa Asia Alfie

Sire - Warpaint Good As It Gets    Dam - Starkatz Bindi


Alfie is the first entire male we have kept, when he was born we were smitten! He has lovely big inky black rosettes on a golden coat full of glitter. He is a big long, tall boy, still to fill out, with good boning and a long thick tail, he has a lovely wild head and great profile. Alfie's best asset is his beautiful nature, he is free on our farm during the day, comes when he is called, hitches a ride in the babies pram and follows us around as we do our days work. He comes in the car with us because he wants to, and sleeps at the end of our bed every night. Everyone that meets him loves him.

 When Alfie was 4 months old he jumped awkwardly from the flyscreen and suffered a sacroiliac dislocation (separation of a joint between the pelvis and spine) after much confinement, and rest he didn't seem to be getting much better, and wasn't moving around well at all. Further investigation uncovered an inoperable spinal injury, we have undergone accupuncture sessions with amazing results, we thank our dedicated vets at Mackville Vet Clinic and Pacific Vetcare for ensuring Alfie has had every opportunity to recover well.

Alfie sired litters from 9 - 12 months old, and was then desexed, he produced some lovely progeny, 4 of which we have kept, Tarmac Blonde Ambition, Tarmac Alfie's Hot Rod, Tarmac Marbellous and Tarmac Outa Asia Angie. Alfie remains our much loved house pet, and bed cat! We look forward to showing him as a neuter male in 2013


Elitecats Sherlock

Sire - CH Glitterglam Sarapis (Imp UK)    Dam - SDGC Elitecats Twilight Avalanche

Lockie is an absolute darling, he has a wonderful sweet nature, and loves to play with absolutely anything!! We have shown Lockie as a kitten and an adult and he has consistently received good feedback from the judges and behaved like a gentleman! With a large long build, unreal glitter and gorgeous colouring, Lockie is a beautiful bengal, and has done an amazing job siring 4 litters from 10 months old, where he produced absolutely stunning Brown and Snow Spotted and Marble babies. We have kept 4 of his progeny to continue his lovely bloodlines, and keep improving our snow program. Lockie has been very lucky to find the purrfect forever home with Keshena and her family, he now lives in absolute luxury as a much loved house pet. Thank you for your dedication in taking on a retired stud Keshena !


Jagsun Rajah Kahn

Sire - CD Jaguarundi Sun (Imp USA)    Dam - Koppiekatz Midas Touch (Imp USA)



Kahn is a magnificent Seal Mink Spotted Snow boy, with hard to find, older USA bloodlines. Kahn has a beautiful silky coat and stunning arrowhead markings. His piercing blue eyes are amazing, he is well built, heavy, and moves like a big cat! He is an extremely talkative chap, and prefers men, being one of the boys! (he only uses me for food!) Kahn passes down his lovely nature, his kittens are faithful, affectionate, purr muffins! Kahn produces gorgeous brown and snow, spotted and marble babies. We have some beautiful children of Kahns to carry on his lines, Tarmac Kitncaboodle, Tarmac The Blizzard of Oz, Tarmac Chinese Whispers, and Tarmac Voodoo Nelson. Early 2013 Kahn sadly passed away, he will be forever remembered for his smoochy nature and chattering, which he has passed on to his lovely progeny.