Here are our beautiful girls, they all do a wonderful job raising the future generations of Tarmac Bengals. Our queens all get a lot of love and pampering. Our girls are housed in a purpose built indoor cattery, in our home, that is heated, cooled and lit year round, most get supervised outdoor time, and lots of free time, roaming around downstairs !! You will see most of our girls have a title ( CH for champion etc) this means they have have been to cat shows as adults and received awards for being good examples of the breed. I feel strongly that in showing our adult girls, we keep up with the breed standard, by constantly having our cats assessed by judges and while showing isn't for every cat, it is important that they have the temperament to be able to go out and meet people, and be happy with it. I have indicated where possible, which girls will be expecting kittens, and when to help you decide if you would like to go on one of our waiting lists.


CH Tarmac Queen Eliza

Sire - Jagsun Rajah Kahn  Dam - Beunisimo Madame Missy


Eliza is a Sepia Snow, she has excellently contrasted dark seal markings, on an icey pale coat. She has amazing glitter, and as is soft as silk. Eliza has lovely prominent whisker pads, nice small ears and sea foam green eyes. Eliza has been a good sport at shows, and done quite well, but she prefers a quieter life lounging on the sofa! Eliza never stops purring and is a lovely sweet girl. Eliza has Brown, Snow and unusual Charcoal, spotted and marble babies. Her kittens have stunningly soft glittered coats, and beautiful natures, she is an excellent mum.

Eliza x Meitaki litter expected late 2013 - Brown and Charcoal Rosetted babies


GD CH Tarmac Nahmah

Sire - Beunisimo Sulten  Dam - Jagsun Magic Whisper


Nahmah is a lovely brown rosetted girl with excellent clarity, well spaced highly contrasted open rosttes, and a glittery soft pelt. She has a nice solid chunky build, and a cheeky face! Nahmah has been successfully shown in both NSW and QLD, with many top 5 placings, and a few Best In Shows. Nahmah has brown, snow, spotted and marble kittens, she is an excellent mum that has beautifully natured kittens that have WOW factor.


 Tarmac Blonde Ambition

Sire - Tarmac Outa Asia Alfie  Dam - Artattack Blondie

Ambi is a lovely girl, with big flashy rosettes on a short silky pelt, she is a long bodied girl with a thick tail. Ambi is extremely affectionate and adores being snuggled. Ambi has done very well in NSW and QLD as a show kitten, and we look forward to seeing what the judges think of her as an adult. Ambi's has produced some spectacular babies with awesome rosetting and great cheeky chatty purrsonalities!


 Tarmac Midnight Cassie

Sire - Majestic Pride Meitaki (Imp CAN)  Dam - CH Tarmac Queen Eliza

Cassie is a Charcoal girl, with beautiful rosettes, amazing coat texture and lovely big substantial type. She is the cheekiest monkey I have ever met, and can jump from the ground to my shoulder in one leap! She is an excellent swimmer and fetcher, adn we love having her mad antics around. We have shown Cassie as a Household Pet this year at NSW CFA shows, to create awareness of her colour, and exhibit her beautiful temperament. Cassie has received many 1st placings, and achieved "Best Companion Exhibit in Show" 4 times. She is currently 1st place Companion of the Year ! I am proud to have shown her along side other peoples much loved moggies and pets, as you can be a pretty as you like in the companion class, without a nice nature you wont get far!!


 Tijah Rascally Rhonda

Sire - Tijah Sun Catcher  Dam - Artattack Zulu

Ronnie is Seal Lynx Snow and an absolute gem! She has a wonderful outgoing nature and loves to sit in the dump truck while my son pushes her around (very brave cat!)  We have been looking for a long time, to advance our Snow program, and we think Ronnie is just the thing! Her first show was as an adolescent 7 months old, and she was perfectly behaved and got excellent feedback from the judges!

Ronnie x ? litter expected early 2014


 Tarmac Outa Asia Angie

Sire - Tarmac Outa Asia Alfie  Dam - GD CH Tarmac Nahmah

Angie is a lovely brown rosetted girl, from our first Tarmac x Tarmac litter, and we couldn't be prouder! She carries beautiful lines from Alfie and Nahmah, and certainly has the wow factor. Angie is a right cheeky miss, she loves to play and will go all day! She has done well at shows as a kitten, and I look forward to showing her as an adult, and seeing her go on to have beautiful babies of her own from 2014


Tarmac African Makeda

Sire - Warpaint Good As It Gets  Dam - Tijah African Sun


 Tarmac Marbellous

Sire - Tarmac Outa Asia Alfie  Dam - GD CH Tarmac Nahmah


 Tarmac Chinese Whispers

Sire - Jagsun Rajah Kahn  Dam - Jagsun Magic Whisper


 Tarmac Jumping Jessa

Sire - Elitecats Sherlock  Dam - GD CH Tarmac Nahmah


 Tarmac Madame Flutterbye

Sire - Elitecats Sherlock  Dam - BZ DB GD CH Tarmac Good Magic


SV DB GD CH Tarmac Kitncaboodle

Sire - Jagsun Rajah Kahn  Dam - Jagsun Magic Whisper


Not really a queen, as Kit was spayed at 4 months old ! We absolutely love snow bengals, and decided to keep Kit as a show spay from when she was a kitten, to see her sepia colour and marble pattern develop. She is a real character, and loves to be queen of our farm! She spends her days roaming the property, keeping the chooks off my grand dads flower beds, and jumping in visitors cars! She spends her nights laying horizontally across our bed, making me sleep at odd angles! Kit is a lovely show cat, so far she has achieved an impressive title, many Best in Shows, from both Australian and International judges, and a wall of lovely ribbons. To top her 2012 show year off, Kit was placed 5th place GR3 desexed Kitten of the year, and 3rd place GR3 Spay Cat of The Year, a big achievement that we are very proud of. In 2013 we will show Kit at our local shows, but she did so well last year, I think she deserves a break!




These girls have all made a huge contribution to our breeding program, by raising wonderful kittens, who have gone on to be much loved family members, in our own, and others families, some have become awarded show cats, and others have continued on to have their own babies! All of our girls are special in different ways, and I would love them all to stay here for ever, but for us to progress the Bengal breed, and for them to have the attention they deserve, we can't keep everyone, so we try and move our girls on to wonderful forever homes while they are young ! All our special ladies and their individual stories are remembered here!

 CH Tarmac Shes Apples

Sire - Jagsun Rajah Kahn  Dam - Beunisimo Madame Missy

Apples is Sepia Snow, with lovely big boning, amazing glitter and lovely rosettes ! Apples has a lovely face, wild whisker pads and the loudest purr I have ever heard ! The best fetcher I have met, Apples is a  sweet character who we just love having around. Apples has been shown as an adult, and adores having a cuddle with the judges. Her lovely nature passed on to her first beautiful baby, and we are looking forward to more! Apples just didn't want to have babies, easily, so she got a very early retirement and lives happily in Sydney with a lovely family, kids to play with, and 3 other Tarmac Bengals ! Thank you for giving Apples a loving forever family :)



DB GD CH Artattack Dream Weaver

Sire - Artattack Born to Fame    Dam - Tijah Majestic Dream

Dreamy is a show stopping girl, with a highly glittered coat, with big black outlined rosettes, I love her small ears, large round eyes and alert expression.  Dreamy does very well at shows, and the judges love her flashy look, she has achieved a great title for such a young cat. Dreamy has gorgeous babies with big rosettes, beautiful type, and super playful natures. Dreamy is now living the life of riley, spoilt rotten with a lovely family in Sydney, thank you for giving a very special BIG purrsonality a loving forever home  !


BZ DB GD CH Tarmac Good Magic

Sire - Warpaint Good As It Gets   Dam - Jagsun Magic Whisper


Magic is a wonderful cat, full of affection with a BIG purrsonality, she has excelled on the show bench, with her fantastic type, wild little rosettes, and great head. Full of glitter, Magic has the wow factor! She has consistently been a good sport at shows, always purring and enjoying a cuddle with the judges. Magic is a character around the farm, always chatting to us, and looking for a treat. Magic has raised 4 litters of lovely babies that all have her bombproof smoochy nature. We have kept Magic's daughter, "Tarmac Madam Flutterbye" to continue her lovely lines. Magic is now living in cat paradise on a farm with Karinne, thank you for loving our special girl.


Artattack Blondie

Sire - Azanabengals Masked Bandit (Imp UsA)    Dam - Dazzledots Fancy Dancer (Imp USA)


Blondie came to us as a mature girl, and has the sweetest, softest nature, she loves to talk, play in water and will do anything for cooked chicken ! Blondie has had some beautiful big rosetted babies, 2 of which have stayed here with us, Tarmac Blonde Ambition, and Tarmac King of the Jungle. We thank Artattack Bengals for breeding such a lovely girl, and Tijah Bengals for allowing Blondie to join our family. Unfortunately Blondie had a fall while playing and sustained an inoperable fracture in June 2013. She is now in pussy cat heaven snuggled on her favourite wool blanket eating bowls of warm cooked chicken breast !

Starkatz Bindi

Sire - Warpaint Good As It Gets   Dam - Jagsun Magic Whisper

Beunisimo Elmo

Sire - Warpaint Good As It Gets   Dam - Jagsun Magic Whisper