Your new Bengal's requirements are very similar to that of any other domestic cat!


Bengals need good quality food! A combination of any good quality dry food (kibble) wet food, and fresh raw meat (mince, fish, chicken wings etc) This will keep your new baby in the best health and ensure healthy gums and teeth, providing essential protein, fats, vitamins & minerals. A constant supply of fresh clean water must always be available, and they also require access to fresh grass, to aid with digestion.


Bengals are active, athletic, inquisitive cats that require exercise and play to keep their svelte figures and toned muscles in good shape, this will ensure healthy joints, and a long and happy life. Please ensure your kitten has adequate room to run, jump, play, bask in the sun, climb, scratch etc. A secure cat enclosure in your back yard is ideal. There are many different types on the net, or if you are handy it isn't that expensive to make you own. Most bengals love going for a walk and explore on a halter, this is a fantastic way for you to spend quality time together and enjoy their antics. You must provide a scratching post/climbing frame thingy, or your Bengal will choose a piece of your furniture! 


Play is essential for your Bengal, it is great fun to play hunting and stalking games with your new kitty. This behaviour is natural for your Bengal, and can be awesome to watch, they really are magnificent. There are hundreds of different types of cat toys available in pet supplies stores, simple toys work just as well, feather on a piece of string, jingley balls, cardboard boxes, fuzzy balls all work a treat!


Your new baby will need to be kept warm and draught free, they will usually find the perfect spot themselves (usually on your bed or favourite armchair) If living in an outdoor cat run, a small dog kennel with cuddly blankets for bedding works well.


They can't get enough love and attention. As with any animal you get out what you put in. Lots of stroking and conversation, lots of cuddles, the occasional brush and bath to keep that beautiful coat looking marvellous!


Kitten should be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 3 months old, then wormed again at 4 months, then 6 months old. After this, Worming every 3 months for the life of the cat is recommended. Cats should be vaccinated and I give a F4 vaccinations before the kittens leave me. Please discuss your dates for annual booster and other vaccinations or worming requirements for your area with your vet.

It doesn't hurt to have a bit put away in case anything goes wrong. Vet bills can get big quickly. Pet insurance is another good option, we give a you a 6 week PetPlan insurance policy which you can continue with if desired..