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Thanks for looking at our For Sale page, listed below are our available kittens,  please contact me if you are interested in one of our kittens, website is usually updated weekly. Kittens prices vary depending on their age, coat quality, pattern, markings and parents.


We are downsizing our cattery greatly so have some gorgeous desexed adults available looking for their new homes. These young ladies are the best of our breeding and will be amazing companions for people not wanting a baby kitten. Please see below.


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-Kittens Ready Now -

Tarmac Minnie x Balrhama Khumba BORN 9/4/17

BABIES                                                    MINNIE                                                            KHUMBA

MALE 1 $1400 SOLD



A beautifully marked jungle girl, with an extremely playful temperament. She is a lovely quiet girl, that loves pats and attention, very well socialised with other cats and dogs. She is a real clown with her toys, amusing us for hours, and she loves to 'fish' with our 6 year old son. First 3 pics at 3 months old, the next 3 taken 20/8.

Ready for her new home now, she is 4months old, desexed, F4 vacc, m/chip & ready with a full kitten pack and 6 weeks of PetplanInsurance

Tarmac Cassie x Balrhama Khumba BORN 3/6/17

    CASSIE                                                            KHUMBA



This gorgeous big boy is a real sweetheart, he loves to be with us on our lap, picked up and carried around. He has a big purr and likes to chatter in a very soft voice, he is a very loving boy. Lovely coat texture and great contrast on a silky soft coat, he is a very handsome lad! He is great with other cats and dogs and likes children.

Ready for his new home now, he is 3 months old, desexed, F4 vacc, m/chip & ready with a full kitten pack and 6 weeks of PetplanInsurance

-Baby Kittens -

Tarmac Marbellous x Balrhama Khumba BORN 20/08/17

Marbles and Khumba have had 5 absolutely gorgeous brown rosetted babies, gorgeous rich colouring and lovely big rosettes, Marbles is such a relaxed and lovely mum, and so proud of her babies! This pairing have previously produced lovely natured babies with beautiful coat patterns, let us know if you would like to be placed on the list for one of these babies!


If you are interested in some of our babies, please email us tarmacbengals@gmail.com and we can place you on our waiting list, which will ensure you will be notified first when babies are born, many do not even get advertised on our website!

-Retired Breeding Adults -

Our desexed adults are available for the cost of Desex and Vaccination. They are generally suited as only children, and integration with existing cats is likely to be stressfull. We ask that people applying for these cats, can offer a settled and forever home, without existing cats. Alternatively we can bond adults prior to leaving if you would like 2 cats, OR they can be homed with a kitten. These are our very best breeding and show cats and are an absolute bargain, for some of the best bengals in Australia.


Danstin Golden Slumbers $400

Goldie is a gorgeous Selkirk Rex, she is a lovely big solid girl 4 years young, she adores spending most of the day napping at the end of the bed! Goldie is a pleasure around the house, a perfect lady, she has a very soft meow, but is quite talkative. Great with dogs, children and other cats, loves to be indoors/outdoors. Goldie has a low maintenance short hair curly coat, and beautiful round features.

Tarmac Just Marbelous $400

Marbs is a gorgeous 5yp brown marbled girl, extremely affectionate and vocal, she loves to chat, and have a warm lap. She likes to be your only love, so would prefer no other cats or dogs. She tolerates children well but would prefer a mature home. Marbs is very loving and level headed, and is a marbellous example of a Bengal, she has done very well at shows!

Tarmac Cassie $400 ON HOLD

Cassie is a lovely girl, chatty, affectionate and loves people, she is a stunning charcoal lady, and her coat is just unreal. Cassie needs to be the only cat otherwise her litter habits can go sideways ! Cass has a very dog like personality and is a very big character, she adores children and is very affectionate with dogs as well.


- Mature cats looking for a new home -


When people visit our cattery they often fall in love with the mother or father of the kitten they have chosen, and wait for them to be desexed, so quite a few of our current breeders are already 'promised' which is wonderful. If while browsing our website you particularly like one of our breeding adults, please feel free to enquire about them, as a good loving forever home is always considered for our early retirees! We also will readvertise on behalf of their owner, any cat bred by us, that ever needs rehoming throughout his/her life.

Our retired adults range in price from $300 - $1200 depending on their age, suitability to various homes and show career. ALL are desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinatons, fully heath checked, registered, and come with show records, breeding history, info pack, & bag of Royal Canin food.


EMAIL: tarmacbengals@gmail.com


Bengal kittens for sale Australia wide delivery

Bengal kittens for sale Australia wide delivery