We were first attracted to Bengals because of their stunning wild 'little leopard' looks. We have also found they are a cat with a fantastic personality! They are fun, cheeky, bold, social, inquisitive, talkative and playful. An ideal family pet. A lot of Bengals love to play in water, and with running taps. They are extremely athletic, and love to stalk and chase toys, run and jump, but will be equally happy to nap at the end of your bed, or have a cuddle on the couch! We have found Bengals to have wide and varied characters that make them wonderful pets here on the farm!

The Bengal breed evolved in the USA from crossing the wild Asian Leopard cat, with a number of domestic purebred and mixed breed cats. The early generations (described as F1, F2 etc) of Bengal look very different from today's and also often displayed a timid nature, close to their wild parents. Through selective breeding and much hard work over the decades, we have come to the beautiful, outgoing pets we have today.

I have only very briefly outlined a very complex breed, if you have specific questions about bengal history, particular bloodlines, or particular foundation cats, please email me courtney@tarmacbengals.com.au

There is a huge amount of history and information about the origins of the Bengal available on the internet,  just Google "Bengal Cat"


Below Left: Asian Leopard Cat     Right: F1 hybrid Bengal





In order to improve what we are breeding, we show all over NSW and QLD, our cats go to be evaluated by judges, on their looks & temperament. We are members of NSW CFA and breed to their standard, which can be found on the NSW CFA website Breed Group Standards, GROUP THREE http://www.nswcfa.asn.au/

 Our bengals love to travel with us and go to shows, where they can meet new people, and have a pat and socialise on the judging bench. We the humans also love to promote the breed, meet new people and catch up with all out cat friends!



Bengals come in 2 coat patterns, SPOTTED and MARBLE

Spotted Bengals have a pattern of spots and rosettes, Marble Bengals have flowing streaks along their bodies. All bengals should have short tight 'pelts' that are full of 'glitter' (sparkly hairs that glisten in the sun or light, actually hollow hair shafts) They do not moult much, and look after their coats themselves.

Left: Brown spotted Bengal "Tarmac Infinity n beyond" Right: Snow Marble "Tarmac Kit n Caboodle"


Bengals come in a number of colours BROWN, SILVER, SNOW (lynx, mink or sepia) and then a few unusual colours that are not registerable, or to standard, but do pop up such as BLUE,CHARCOAL, & MELANISTIC.


Nearly black or any shade of brown or tan markings, Green, Gold or Hazel eyes

Brown bengals are stunning and come in pale cool tones, rights through to rich dark oranges, and everything in between! We have a number of Brown Bengals, from left Artattack Dream Weaver, Elitecats Sherlock & Tarmac Nahmah all different browns.


Seal Lynx Point Lighter markings on a white coat with blue eyes

Mink Medium coloured markings on a creamy coat with Aqua to Green eyes

Sepia Darkest markings on a cream base coat with Green to Gold eyes

Snows are a favourite of mine, and they come in the 3 varieties above, which are pictured below so you can see the difference in real cats; snows should not compromise on lovely rosettes, glitter and good overall type, a focus for our cattery as we improve our snow program.

From left Ricway Miss Migsie who is a SEAL LYNX POINT, Jagsun Rajah Kahn who is a MINK, and Tarmac Day Tripper a SEPIA




Pure silver white coat with a dense black pattern Green Gold eyes

We have one silver girl, pictured below Starkatz Bindi, a litter of her babies, and a 7 week old Tarmac Little Leopard Lailah.



Markings are a strong dark blue, Green, Gold or Hazel eyes. Blue bengals are very pretty, but unfortunately can not be shown, or registered as Blue. We have never had a blue baby born here, they are very unusual.




Markings are dark brown/charcoal to black, often with a mask & cape. Charcoal bengals are striking, but unfortunately can not be shown as a purebred, or registered as Charcoal.  We have had some beautiful charcoal babies here, absolute crackers, we look forward to breeding more. As far as I know, we are the first breeder in Australia to have shown a Charcoal Bengal in Australia, in 2012 we took Tarmac Dark Crusader to 2 shows in NSW and QLD, of course he could not be awarded any prizes, but is was wonderful to hear the judges comments and get him out to see the public, who loved him! We will be showing our latest Charcoal baby in the companion class in 2013

From Left Tarmac Dark Crusader, & Tarmac Midnight Cassie


Black coat, with a hint of their markings showing through. Melanistic bengals are very striking, but unfortunately can not be shown, or registered as as melanstic. We have never had a melanstic baby born here, they are very unusual.



I hope these pictures and descriptions have helped to show you the different colours and patterns of Bengals ! Please contact me if you would like more information on any of the colours or patterns !