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Thanks for looking at our For Sale page, listed below are our available kittens, please do contact me for more info on a particular litter or individual kitten, and I am happy to send you more photos and information !

Kittens prices vary depending on their age, coat quality, pattern, markings and parents.




UPDATED 8/04/2015 

- Baby Kittens -


Selkirk Rex




Our much anticipated, very first litter of Selkirk Rex babies !! Penny, our lovely Tortie Bi Colour British Short hair, has had 2 GORGEOUS bi colour boys, to our handsome, curly short hair black boy Tzambo. The kitten are exactly what we wanted, short curly bi colours! I am expecting lovely type, and gorgeous eye colour from these fellows! More pics as they grow :) Penny is being a fabulous mum, and is so relaxed, these two boys are so fat and cuddly !!



This chubby little teddy bear is too cute for words, he is BIG, SOLID, and ROUND ! He is a straight hair, short hair boy, so very low maintenance grooming, with the sweet round features we want in our selkirks. He will have the appearance of a very solid British when mature. He is extremely playful, and keeps up with the bengals, then flops down for a big rest! This boy was made for chilling out, and will be a wonderful lounge decoration for any home !


- Retired Adults -


When people visit our cattery they often fall in love with the mother or father of the kitten they have chosen, and wait for them to be desexed, so quite a few of our current breeders are already 'promised' which is wonderful. If while browsing our website you particularly like one of our breeding adults, please feel free to enquire about them, as a good loving forever home is always considered for our early retirees!

Our retired adults range in price from $300 - $1200 depending on their age, suitability to various homes and show career. ALL are desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinatons, fully heath checked, registered, and come with show records, breeding history, info pack, & bag of Royal Canin food.



- Upcoming Litters -

If you are interested in some of our babies, please email us courtney@tarmacbengals.com.au and we can place you on our waiting list, which will ensure you will be notified first when babies are born, many do not even get advertised on our website!



- Can't find what you're looking for? -

Maybe one of these Bengal Breeders may have what you are looking for  - I highly recommend these breeders for their excellent quality, high standards and ethical breeding programs. There are other excellent breeders out there, these are only the ones I have dealt with.

http://www.elitecats.com.au/ GOLD COAST QLD

http://www.artattackcats.com/ SYDNEY NSW

http://www.tijahbengals.com/ SYDNEY NSW

Maybe a Bengal isn't for you? have you considered another breed ? - I know the following breeders through cat shows and see their consistently good quality cats up against my own, so recommend them highly!

SELKIRK REX Gorgeous playful fluffy curly babies! http://www.danstinselkirkrex.com/ COFFS HARBOUR NSW

SIAMESE & ORIENTAL Regal creatures with BIG purrsonality! http://www.mingyangcattery.com/ COFFS HARBOUR NSW

DEVON REX Loving characters allergy friendly http://www.mingyangcattery.com/ COFFS HARBOUR NSW

ABYSSINIAN Beautiful, friendly clowns! http://www.nileabys.com/ SYDNEY NSW

ABYSSINIAN Beautiful, friendly clowns! http://www.swiftabyssinians.com/  SYDNEY NSW

BURMESE Beautiful sweethearts! http://www.ricwaycattery.com.au/ CENTRAL COAST NSW

SOMALI Cheeky Semi Longhaired stunners http://www.nareira.com/homes-wanted.html SYDNEY NSW


EMAIL: courtney@tarmacbengals.com.au


Bengal kittens for sale Australia wide delivery

Bengal kittens for sale Australia wide delivery