We are downsizing our cattery greatly so have some gorgeous desexed adults girls available looking for their new homes. These young ladies are the best of our breeding and will be amazing companions for people not wanting a kitten.

Hi welcome to Tarmac Cattery, we are just out of Kempsey, on the NSW Mid North Coast.

We breed and show our cats all over NSW and QLD  to promote them as purr-fect pets. We breed Beautiful Bengals, and Superb Selkirk Rex. We are truly passionate about these two extremely unique breeds. Our Bengals are athletic, energetic, and vocal, and we have found Selkirks being such a playful, fun, relaxed breed complement them amazingly. We have Bengals and Selkirks living in our home, they are our pets, and a part of our daily life, we wouldn't be without them !!

We absolutely adore the beauty and grace of the Bengal, with their wild head, strong colouring and amazing rosettes, but we found ourselves totally smitten with the Teddy bear cuteness and soft curly fur of the Selkirk Rex. Both breeds are social, friendly, loving and individual.

 We are passionate about our cats and are constantly improving our program by keeping up to date with the latest genetics and veterinary technology. We are currently breeding kittens from exciting Australian and     imported bloodlines. We are current members of the NSWCFA & TIBCS


Our kittens are raised in a loving and natural environment, in our home to ensure good temperament. Our kittens are BORN in our house, in a purpose built kittening room, where we can keep watch over mum and babies and begin handling right away.  At around 5 weeks they move into our lounge room, where they become part of everyday life and get used to all the sights and sounds, children, other pets etc. At around 10 weeks they move onto a purpose built kitten room where they can burn off all that kitten energy!! From here they begin harness and leash training, learn to come on walks with me, begin coming in the car and travelling in a crate, they often come to a cat show, and have their first vet visits.

 All of our breeding Queens are treated as much loved house pets, and respond accordingly by happily allowing us to handle kittens and be present when birthing. Our girls are spoilt rotten!

We spend a lot of time with our stud males to ensure they are friendly and easy to handle. They are all affectionate and love to smooch and play!

We welcome cattery visits for anyone considering a Bengal as a pet, or just wanting more information on the breed. All of our cats & kittens welcome a cuddle, and we are proud to show them off!


We also have 2 resident desexed farm moggies that were here before the Bengals. We are their forever home.

There are too many unwanted cats that get put down every year because they simply donít have a home.  There is no need for a cat to be unsterilized unless you are a registered breeder. If you cannot afford to sterilize, you cannot afford the cat.

Cats are a companion for LIFE, they deserve thought and consideration. It is unfair on other people to have tom cats roaming around, spraying, calling and chasing girls, and it is grossly unfair on female cats to be constantly in kitten, her babies drowned, dumped or given away. We will not sell a pet until it has been desexed, microchipped and immunised, this is included in the price of the kitten.

Meet us! Running a cattery is a full time job definitely a family affair !! We are kept very busy with our adults, kittens, cleaning, getting ready for shows, cleaning, training, cleaning, vet visits, cleaning, kittening etc. Here we are below!

Courtney - In charge of the website, cattery, stud boys, matings, kittening midwife, vet runner , all-rounder, sales & enquiries and show scheduling.


                     Maryanne (Mum) - Mum is the Boss of the kitten enclosure, Queen of kitten cuddling, does most of the grooming, and most of the hard work at the shows!! She is also a litter tray extraordinaire! 


                  Matthew - 4yo and Gina 1yo, Our children are very lucky to be growing up with our cats and kittens, Matthew especially loves the baby kittens, and talks quietly to them and strokes them while giving them crazy names, I am so proud, Matthew knows every cats name, which babies he or she has had, and is fascinated by their relationships to other cats in the cattery. Matthew is increasingly interested in showing cats, which is lovely, and a hobby I hope he enjoys for a long time. Gina absolutely adores playing touch with swishing Bengal tails, and she LOVES to grab big handfuls of Selkirk fur !! The cats always bring a big smile to her face and she loves to wave at them. I am really proud our cats and kittens are 'kid proof' and grow up with a lot of input from the children.


Finn (The Hound) & Dolly (The little white dog) - The dogs teach our kittens not to fear dogs, they are both very tolerant of the kittens chasing their tails and pouncing on them! Again, we are proud or kittens are well socialised with dogs, helping ensure their every success in their new homes!


As we are a working farm, we might not get to the phone in time!  Please leave a message and we will get back you as soon as possible.


FARM: 'Tarmac Farm' 319 Jocks Road Collombatti (Tamban State Forest)

MAIL: PO BOX 5004 Frederickton, 2440, New South Wales

PHONE: (02) 6566 8452

EMAIL: tarmacbengals@gmail.com